The Isleworth 390

Introducing the 390 fallen servicemen of Isleworth.......

This page is being updated with the details of all of the servicemen researched from the Isleworth Memorial and will have additional search features.

Memories of the 390 servicemen still live on.

During WW1 Isleworth lost at least 390 boys and men from its community. The 390 names can be found inscribed on the war memorial outside Our Lady of Sorrows and St Bridget of Sweden Church in Isleworth, Middlesex.

Below are images of the names that are inscribed on the war memorial.

2015 - The lives of the first group of servicemen are uncovered

In November 2015, these servicemen were honoured by 92 local school children wearing sashes of their names parading along the streets in Isleworth. They ended up at the war memorial where the Remembrance Day service was held.

Those servicemen’s lives have been researched in the local community and the information gathered has been formulated in a table for all to read. Click here to read more about the initial research group.

Anything to add?

With 390 servicemen to research, there may be some where you have some missing information or details.

If you know anything or have any photos of any of the 390 Isleworth servicemen please contact us and we can make sure it is included.

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