About the 390 Project

How the project is phased over the next few years

The Project

Through the research into the lives of the 390 servicemen, recorded on the Monument in Memorial Square, and into living and working in Isleworth in 1914-18, the project group will build on existing resources and develop a greater understanding about the people and their times. Its legacy will enable others to learn about, and reflect on, the impact of war on a community.


See a short film about the isleworth 390 project.

Phase 1: 2013-2014


Establishing the project group and scoping the project.

November 9th 2014: Parade and Service in Memorial Square to commemorate the 390 soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War

Isleworth 390 Project WW1 Centenary parade

Phase 2: 2015-2016


Developing the research ream, workshops in schools and the community.

Visits to Hounslow Local Studies and to the National Archives, Kew.

Focus on the first group of the servicemen listed on the Isleworth Memorial and research into their personal and service lives.

Engagement with local groups to extend the research, supported by talks and a touring exhibition.

Production of an article about the research.

Isleworth 390 Project WW1 Centenary

Phase 3: 2016-2017


Focus on the Battle of the Somme, and some of the local men who lost their lives in 1916.

Development of stage 2 and extension of the research into the next 100 servicemen.

Touring displays about the servicemen who died in 1916.

Isleworth 390 Project WW1 Centenary

Phase 4 -1917


Research into the lives of the servicemen known to have died in 2017.

Upload this information to the website by the end of September 2017.

Make contact with as many of these relatives as possible prior to the Remembrance Sunday event on November 12th in Memorial Square Isleworth.

Organise two special events to commemorate Passchendaele 1917- see events page for details.

Isleworth 390 Project WW1 Centenary

Phase 5: 2018/19


The production of a map about the areas where the servicemen lived.

The development of two curriculum units about the 390 servicemen for KS2 and also KS3 and KS4.

An Armistice Commemoration event.

An exhibition- memorial wall to the 390.

A hard- backed 400 page publication about the 390 servicemen and its launch at a local event.

Schools and churches make their pledges to continue the remembrance of the 390 and all those individuals and families affected by war once the project is completed.

Isleworth 390 Project WW1 Centenary

Phase 6: 2020-23


Third edition of the Isleworth 390 publication.

Correspondence with the Commonwealth Wargraves.

Commission to have 6 of the 390 sevicemen included in the CWGC records.

The centenary commemoration of the Isleworth War Memorial.

A plaque about the 390 project in Memorial Square, Isleworth

The updating of the servicemen’s records in the light of access to the 1921 census.

The preparation of the research for donation to Hounslow Local Studies and to a national archive.

Isleworth 390 Project WW1 Centenary